Mike carr, executive director

august 6, 2019

New Energy America released this statement following the announcement of the Rural Green Partnership yesterday by the office of DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos:

“We’re thrilled to see Representative Bustos putting forth a plan that puts rural America at the center of the clean energy economy,” said Executive Director Mike Carr. “We know rural  communities are key to reaching our decarbonization goals in the power and transportation sectors. This plan recognizes the tremendous opportunity for job creation and economic growth for rural America in embracing policies to reduce emissions.  

“Wind farms, utility scale solar power plants, and biofuel refineries aren’t built in city centers.  The construction jobs, operations and maintenance jobs, and the farmers who grow renewable fuel feedstocks all live, work, and raise their families in rural America. The more we grow these industries, the more we grow rural economies. We hope Congress recognizes the importance of Representative Bustos’ plan, and takes the first steps to undo the severe economic stress our rural economies are facing. Aggressive action to solve climate change is a win-win for rural communities.”