Scott Pruitt’s Anti-Renewable Fuels Agenda Will Drive Him Out of Office


Scott Pruitt is breaking the President’s promise to rural voters, and decimating rural economies. And while his litany of ethics scandals have dominated headlines, his underhanded gutting of the Renewable Fuel Standard is a bridge too far for many Republicans and conservatives.

It’s time for Scott Pruitt to go.


“EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's conservative support is wavering, but it could be his handling of biofuels policy that ends up being his downfall.” Politico Morning Energy, 6/14/18

“EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's biggest political liability may not be his litany of ethics scandals but his perceived hostility toward ethanol — a prized commodity in farm country that the president has vowed to protect.” Eric Wolff, Politico, 6/14/18

“What really has Republicans in Congress riled up about the EPA administrator — at least the ones from Iowa — is not Pruitt's potential ethics violations. It's a wonky policy proposal about gasoline and diesel.” Dino Gradoni, Washington Post, 6/6/18



Senator Chuck Grassley, R-IA

"Pruitt is ill-serving the president of the United States." Washington Post, 6/13/18

Senator James Inhofe, R-OK

“We’ve had enough,” E&E News PM, 6/13/18

Governor Kim Reynolds, R-IA

"Pruitt needs to follow through with what the President promised to Iowans, and if he can't, then we need to find someone who will." Politico Pro Morning Energy, 6/14/18

Senator Joni Ernst, R-IA

“He is about as swampy as you get here in Washington, D.C., and if the president wants to drain the swamp, he needs to take a look at his own cabinet.” Bloomberg, 6/5/18

Senator John Thune, GOP Conference Chair, R-SD

“[I]t does seem like we answer a lot of questions about Scott Pruitt. It does get old after a while.” Daily Beast, 6/13/18

Senator Susan Collins, R-ME

“Republican Sen. Susan Collins, of Maine, is calling embattled EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt ‘the wrong person’ to head the agency ‘on policy grounds alone.’" CNN, April 9, 2018

Congresswoman Kristi Noem, R-SD and Nominee for Governor

“[I]t’s clear Administrator Pruitt is no friend to ethanol, which is a significant concern to me and many in South Dakota.” Sioux Falls Argus Leader, 6/13/18

Congressman Carlos Curbello R-FL

“It’s time for him to resign or for @POTUS to dismiss him,” CNN, 4/3/18

Congresswoman Ilena Ros-Lehtinen

“[T]he EPA administrator should resign,” CNN, 4/3/18

Congressman Frank Lobiondo, R-NJ

“Yes, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt should resign.” The Hill, 6/14/18

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, R-NY

“Pruitt should resign.” WAMC, 4/5/18

State Senator Annette Sweeney, Trump Campaign Agriculture Advisor IA (R-25)

"I firmly think that our president needs to do some housekeeping items, and I think Mr. Pruitt needs to be one of those. I think President Trump needs to make sure that Mr. Pruitt understands that promises — and I was in an interview with then-candidate Trump, and he promised me he would stand beside biofuels. He needs to sit down and have that conversation with Mr. Pruitt." Politico, 6/13/18

Kent Peterson, Republican State House Assistant Majority Leader, SD

"Administrator Pruitt not only ignores the wishes of President Trump, he's doing real damage to our industries at a time we can least afford it."  Politico, 6/13/18

Dusty Johnson, Republican Congressional Nominee, SD-AL

"I do think there's growing frustration in the Midwest in the disconnect between President Trump and Administrator Pruitt. Pruitt's inaction in allowing E15 to be purchased, it is frustrating South Dakotans who don't understand why that barrier is in place." Politico, 6/13/18

Anderson County Kansas GOP Chairman Dane Hicks, R-KS

"My personal opinion is farmers are demanding accountability and I think that Mr. Pruitt probably is a dead man walking. I can't imagine he rebounds from this in any way to salvage his position. I would expect his resignation soon." Politico Pro Morning Energy, 6/14/18



National Review Editorial Board

“Scott Pruitt Should Go… he should be replaced.” National Review, 6/13/18

Laura Ingraham, Conservative Commentator


American Future Fund

“For the good of this country, Pruitt must go.” American Future Fund Ad, 6/12/18

Rick Santorum, Former US Senator

.@POTUS has done a great job w our economy. Only one area hurting - Farm Country. They believed in him, it’s time to come through for them. Please don’t forget the promise you made to make America a winner everywhere! Twitter, 6/5/18

Michael Steele, Former RNC Chair

“[I]f the President meant what he said and we are to take him seriously, then it is time for Scott Pruitt to leave the EPA,” The Hill, 4/10/18

Jim Talent, Former Senator, R-MI

“The president vowed time and again to support the RFS, and Congress should work with the White House to make certain that Administrator Pruitt is staying true to that promise in public and behind closed doors." The Fence Post, 4/26/18 



Emily Skor, CEO, Growth Energy

“Administrator Pruitt is betraying his own promise—and the Trump Administration’s promise—to uphold the U.S. renewable fuel laws and protect rural jobs.” Brownfield Ag News, 6/13/18

John Duff, Director, National Sorghum Producers “We want to very forcefully convey to the administrator that we’ve got real challenges in rural America and we have to preserve the markets that we have.” Politico , 6/13/18

Bob Dinneen, President and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association

Does @EPAScottPruitt understand he works for @realDonaldTrump and the American people, each of whom want consumer choices at the pump, lower gasoline prices, and a growing market for ethanol? Twitter, 6/13/18

Lisa Richardson, South Dakota Corn Growers

“[H]e has undermined our industry so dramatically he is not welcome here.” Sioux Falls Argus Leader, 6/13/18

Troy Knecht, President, South Dakota Corn Growers

"It's time to get President Trump to step up and support the people that elected him and get EPA Administrator Pruitt to do his job.” Argus Leader, 6/13/18

Doug Sombke, President, South Dakota Farmers Union

Pruitt is "hiding from unhappy farmers, hiding from the press, and hiding from accountability." Washington Post, Energy 202, 6/13/18

Brian Jennings, American Coalition for Ethanol

“Members in the room who were very firm with Scott Pruitt about the problems he has created by failing to make good on the promises of E15 year-round and upholding the RFS.” Brownfield Ag News, 6/13/18

Michelle Jones, President, Montana Grain Growers Association

“[T]here are also concerns about how he is handling the Renewable Fuels Standard. I think that is a conversation that any farmer, that was involved and had the opportunity, would give him an earful.” Ag Web, Farm Journal, 6/13/18

Ken McCauley, President, Kansas Corn Growers Association

“Our concern was that Administrator Pruitt thought he could come to Kansas, take a few photos with smiling farmers and tell the President that corn farmers are okay with his actions. That would be a gross misinterpretation of what happened here today." The Hill, 6/13/18

Bill Pracht, President and CEO, East Kansas Agri-Energy

The EPA continuing to distribute economic hardship waivers will result in “extreme economic hardship for Kansas corn growers, destruction of the ethanol industry, higher fuel costs, and reduced air quality for millions of Americans.” Kansas Ag Network, 6/12/18

Robert Walsh, Farmer and Trump Voter, Elk Point, SD

“I am not in favor of him at all,” KELO-TV (SD), 6/13/18

Dennis McNinch, Member, Kansas Corn

“To be honest, Administrator Pruitt, we’re mad as hell. Today, the American farmer is struggling to make ends meet and our industry is on the cusp of financial ruin in many areas of the country. We are under attack once again from the oil industry as they try to unravel the RFS using their latest scare tactic claiming that RINs are about to put them out of business. Big oil is enjoying wide profit margins today... How many bones do they need?” The Fence Post, 6/12/18

Greg Krissek, Kansas Corn CEO

"We didn't get the RVP waiver; oil refiners got exempted from 1.6 billion gallons of ethanol use; RINs are at a five-year low and now EPA wants to kill our exports by applying RINs to ethanol exports which has legal and trade issues. We don't see where ethanol is getting anything but played by EPA." The Fence Post, 6/12/18

South Dakota Corn Growers

"Scott Pruitt continues to bail out multi-billion-dollar oil refiners at the expense of South Dakota farmers. It’s time to get Administrator Pruitt on board with President Trump’s agenda.” The Hill, 6/13/18