EPA Misses Innovation, Jobs Opportunity on RFS

November 30, 2017

Today, EPA released the final 2018 Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) requirements. While EPA kept the overall RFS numbers roughly level, the final rule cuts the target for the innovative, growing cellulosic market, and sets the biodiesel level far below the levels that the biofuels industry is ready and able to meet.
“Cellulosic ethanol is the future of the biofuels industry - better for our economy, better for our national security, and better for the environment,” said Mike Carr, Executive Director of New Energy America. “American workers are producing cellulosic ethanol and advanced biodiesel in the United States today, and with the right policy support, are ready to ramp up and lead in this important global industry." 
New Energy America formed earlier this year to highlight jobs created by renewable energy in the United States. Earlier this year, New Energy America released the Fifty State Clean Energy Jobs Report, which showed clean energy jobs outpacing fossil fuel jobs in 41 states – many of which voted for Donald Trump in 2016. 
“The biofuels industry directly employs many tens of thousands of people in states like Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana, and supports hundreds of thousands of other farming, truck driving, and related jobs,” added Carr. “By design, the RFS can only grow through the advanced categories, like cellulosic and advanced biodiesel. While the final rule is better than the proposed rule, Donald Trump’s EPA is still falling short on their promise to create jobs and economic opportunity throughout rural America.”
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Mike Carr

New Energy America


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