Pruitt’s Clean Power Plan Decision Hurts Job Growth in Critical Battleground States

Short Sighted Move Will Hurt Blue Collar Jobs in All Six States Trump Flipped in 2016

October 10, 2017

In reaction to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan, New Energy America Executive Director Mike Carr noted the decision will cost blue collar jobs in the six most critical states for Donald Trump’s political future.

“President Trump campaigned across the country on creating blue collar jobs and putting Americans back to work,” Carr noted. “Today’s decision by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt might help Pruitt’s future donors and Pruitt’s political standing in Oklahoma, but it will decimate blue collar jobs in Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and other places Donald Trump made big promises.”

Last month, New Energy America released the Fifty State Clean Energy Jobs Report that showed more clean energy jobs than fossil energy jobs in 41 states, including every state that flipped from blue-to-red in 2016 (Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa). The Clean Power Plan provided the vital policy certainty to support investments in clean energy technologies (including wind, solar, and energy efficiency) that create jobs in rural America. Pruitt, widely rumored to be seeking office in Oklahoma before the end of Trump’s term, appears to be putting his own political ambitions ahead of the President’s promise to create jobs in those key states.

“Oklahoma is one of only nine states with more fossil energy jobs than clean energy jobs,” noted Carr. “While it might be good politics for Pruitt in Oklahoma, yanking the rug out from under investments in wind, solar, and energy efficiency jobs in places that will matter to the President in a few years is going to get noticed. Although Pruitt will be long gone by 2020, his actions will slow blue collar job growth in all six of the states that flipped from blue-to-red in 2016.”

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